Celebrating a Visionary: Dharmasthala’s Architect Reflects on Life’s Triumphs

 Celebrating a Visionary: Dharmasthala’s Architect Reflects on Life’s Triumphs
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Dharmasthala, Nov 26, 2023: The air in Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala was filled with nostalgia and gratitude as Dharmadhikari D. Veerendra Heggade participated in the program held on the occasion of his 75th birthday at Vasanth Mahal on Saturday evening.

During the celebration of his birthday, Heggade reflected on the cooperative efforts and guidance he received from various individuals during his initial days on the Dharmadhikari Peeta. With sincerity, he delved into his hobbies and special interests, notably mentioning his childhood involvement in drama where he portrayed the roles of devotee Prahlada and Krishna. Heggade credited his inspiration to participate in these plays to Somasundara and Baburao.

Reflecting on the transformative years since his anointing as Dharmadhikari on October 24, 1968, Dr. Heggade highlighted the progress of the ‘Kshetra’ and acknowledged the collaborative efforts of key figures, including Matrushree Rathnamma, his brother D. Surendra Kumar, Harshendra Kumar, and family elders.

Apart from the routine temple festivities, Dr. Heggade spoke of his extensive travels, attending myriad meetings and functions daily, fostering essential public relations and gaining valuable experiences. His recollections included cherished family journeys undertaken annually.

Addressing the crowd, he provided updates on the growth of the Manjusha Museum, a testament to his commitment to preserving and showcasing cultural heritage.

The event also featured a video exhibition and a showcase of photographs, offering a visual narrative of Dr. Heggade’s life and significant achievements.

Sharing their perspectives and experiences in the line of duty, senior staff members N Ramakrishna Udupa, Rathnakar Achar, Bhaskar Shastri, Delampadittaya, Sitharama Tolpadittaya, DR HL Manjunath, Adv Rathnaverma Bunnu, Purandar Bhat, Mallinath Jain, Rithesh, Balakrishna Poojary, and Pushpadanta added depth to the celebration.

The event was attended by Hemavathi Heggade, D Surendra Kumar, Anitha Surendra Kumar, D Harshendra Kumar, Supriya Harshendra Kumar, Shraddha Amith, Shreyas, and Amith.

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