Veerendra Heggade visits Shishila Basadi

 Veerendra Heggade visits Shishila Basadi
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Dharmasthala, March 12, 2024: Dharmasthala Dharmadhikari D Veerendra Heggade visited the Bhagavan Sri Chandranatha Swami Basadi located in Shishila village and offered special prayers during his visit.

Engaging in meaningful discussions with the management committee members, Heggade expressed admiration for the tranquil ambiance surrounding the Basadi.

Torana Muhurtha, Vimana Shuddhi, Chaturvimshati Tirthankara Aradhana, Utsava, and various other programs were held as part of the annual festival of the Basadi. This religious gathering brought together devotees to partake in the spiritual significance of the festivities.

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