Mangaluru-Bengaluru travelers can skip Sakleshpur in few months

 Mangaluru-Bengaluru travelers can skip Sakleshpur in few months
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Mangaluru, May 22, 2022: The four laning of NH 74 is likely to make the travel between Mangaluru-Bengaluru comfortable. Also, the bypass and alternate roads are likely to come as a surprise to many.

This week Shailesh Ujire and Krishna Prashanth of Guys on Wheels have traveled this stretch to provide a ground reality.

Authorities have made curve corrections in many places. This will make the travel easy and also save time and fuel for the passengers. One of the major visible changes is the bypass at Sakaleshpur.

Sakaleshpur in Hassan district is one of the busiest places in this stretch. The congestion here slows down the vehicles here.

A new four-lane concrete road is being laid between Anemahal and Kolahalli by skipping the Sakleshpur City. The new road is to the right side of the existing road (while traveling from Mangaluru to Bengaluru).

The diversion for the new stretch begins about 300 mtrs after Surabhi’s Nxt Restaurant. Vehicles will have to take the new bridge across River Hemavathi and then join the existing road near Kolahalli bus stand. The work is in progress and is likely to be completed in a few months.

At Kolahalli an under bridge is being constructed for the road leading to Salakeshpur City. Similarly, the new road in places like Ballupet, Bhage will ease the traffic.

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