When coconut shells turn into artifacts

 When coconut shells turn into artifacts
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Mangaluru, July 17, 2022: The Covid lockdown brought several talents to light. Many people started a new ‘journey,’ and Ananta Prasad Naitadka of Tekkar, Belthangady was one among them who tried something new.

Ananta Prasad, a Diploma holder in Electrical Engineering was into organic agriculture. He also ventured into business.

But the Covid lockdown and the online classes made him think of a new venture.

During the lockdown, children had online classes for which they used mobile phones. But placing these mobile phones was a tough task. It was then Ananta Prasad thought of designing a mobile stand. As he is closely associated with organic agriculture, Ananta Prasad thought of the ‘organic,’ stand.

He used the coconut shell to design a wonderful mobile stand.

The success made him work on other things like bowls, flower vases, and pen stands. This week ‘Guys on Wheels,’ bring details about this start-up in cottage industry.

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