Dharmasthala: Mangal Pravachan by Poojya Amogh Kirti Muni Maharaj

 Dharmasthala: Mangal Pravachan by Poojya Amogh Kirti Muni Maharaj
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Dharmasthala, March 07, 2022: Sages (Muni) are archetype of sacrifice. Their presence will help in creating awareness about Dharma and creation of a healthy society,” said Poojya Amogh Kirti Muni Maharaj.

He was delivering ‘Mangal Pravachan,’ at Dharmasthala Bhagwan Sri Chandranatha Swami Basadi on Sunday.

“Sages are in constant movement like a river. Like continuous blood circulation ensures healthy body, Sages continuously tour and give spiritual force to ensure a healthy society,” he said.

“Dharmasthala is a sacred holy land where truth, religion, justice, and righteousness are strongly based. Those who come here crying with problems and difficulty, return with smiles on their face. Dharmasthala has been providing Chaturvida Dana for over 8 centuries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too has lauded the service provided by Dharmasthala,” he added.

Poojya Amar Kirti Muni Maharaj spoke on the occasion.

Dharmadhikari Dr. D Veerendra Heggade said Jains get special respect in society because of the unique customs and practices of Jainism. He added that Digambar Munis are a symbol of sacrifice.

Hemavathi V Heggade, D. Surendra Kumar, D. Harshendra Kumar, and Supriya Harshendra Kumar were present.

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