Human Perception Trumps Technological Innovation: Kumar Hegde

 Human Perception Trumps Technological Innovation: Kumar Hegde
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Ujire, March 09, 2024: Dr. B.A Kumar Hegde, Principal of SDM College, emphasized the unparalleled power of human perception and deep knowledge, stating that no technological innovation, including Artificial Intelligence, can surpass it.

Dr. Hegde shared these insights while inaugurating the student wing of the National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM), a collaboration between the Department of Social Work and Research, SDM Post Graduate Centre, and NIPM.

Despite the growing influence of artificial intelligence in contemporary times, Dr. Hegde asserted that it cannot match the unique capabilities of humanity, particularly in terms of emotion, intellect, and will. He highlighted that technology is an extension of human capabilities and, viewed in this light, artificial intelligence represents a facet of human creativity.

While acknowledging the significant impact of artificial intelligence on various spheres of work, Dr. Hegde emphasized that it cannot surpass the emotional and mental strength unique to human abilities. He underscored the importance of continuous reading, deep knowledge acquisition, and the ability to comprehend, stating that these factors contribute to a distinctive human force that exceeds technology.

In the context of the evolving role of technology, Dr. Hegde urged individuals to understand its dimensions and adapt their personalities to meet the demands of the new age. He stressed the need for continuous professional development to thrive in the competitive world.

Dr. Lakshish Rai, Secretary of NIPM Students’ Wing in Mangaluru, presented the objectives of establishing the student wing, emphasizing its role in laying down guidelines for personality development.

The event was attended by Dr. Ronald Sequeira, Executive Director of VRA Solutions, Dr. S.S. Satheesh, Dean of SDM PG Centre, and Dr. Vishwanath P.

The program was hosted by Amrit C S, a student of the Social Work and Research department, with Ravi Shankar K., Head of the Department of Social Work and Research, delivering introductory remarks. Atul.S.Semita delivered the vote of thanks.

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