SDM Ujire Adopts Interactive Panels for Dynamic Learning

 SDM Ujire Adopts Interactive Panels for Dynamic Learning
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Ujire, Jan 2024: SDM Ujire, a trailblazer in adapting teaching methodologies to embrace technological advancements, has now pioneered the integration of a sophisticated Dimensional teaching technology. The institution has recently unveiled an interactive panel display board, a cutting-edge tool that engages students through language, letters, visuals, and audio formats during classroom instruction.

In a proactive move, a special training workshop was conducted on Thursday for assistant professors, associate professors, and professors from SDM Degree College and SDM PG Centers. Sushmita, a product trainer from Census Electronics, elucidated the usage methods of the innovative interactive panel display board through a comprehensive demonstration.

This advanced teaching tool offers a diverse range of models designed to enhance students’ interest in the subject matter. Sushmita emphasized that the interactive panel display board will transform teaching into a more student-friendly experience, delivering comprehensive details on specific curriculum topics swiftly.

Addressing the faculty at the training workshop for SDM Degree College, Principal Dr. Kumar Hegde B.A shared insights into the ambitious initiative of installing the interactive panel display board. The implementation of this technology is under the careful supervision of D Harshendra Kumar, Secretary of SDM Educational Institutions.

Initial installations have taken place in various schools and colleges, with plans to expand the digitized teaching experience by installing more boards in the coming days.

Dr. Kumar Hegde announced a forthcoming three-day training workshop across SDM institutions’ schools and colleges to further familiarize educators with this innovative teaching tool.

Dean Dr. Vishwanath P also shared remarks on this groundbreaking occasion, highlighting the institution’s commitment to advancing education through technological integration.

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