Udupi Municipality sets Green Standard: Shops Urged to Segregate Waste

 Udupi Municipality sets Green Standard: Shops Urged to Segregate Waste
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Udupi, Nov 20, 2023: The Udupi Municipal Corporation has issued a set of guidelines for owners of petty shops, pushcarts, and shops within its limits, emphasizing the need for responsible waste management to ensure public hygiene and convenience.

Owners of such establishments are directed to segregate the waste generated into wet and dry categories and store it appropriately. Waste should then be handed over to urban local body vehicles, with special attention to avoiding disturbances for senior citizens, students, pedestrians, and motorists along the roadside.

In a bid to combat the use of banned single-use plastic, the directive suggests utilizing environmentally friendly alternatives such as paper covers, old newspapers, and cloth bags. The municipality has urged the placement of dustbins in front of each shop, with clear instructions for customers to dispose of items like chocolate wrappers, gutka packets, banana peels, and other disposable items.

The municipal commissioner emphasized the importance of adhering to these instructions, urging every shop, shopkeeper, and pushcart owner to cooperate seamlessly with the municipal corporation. This effort aims to prioritize public health and maintain cleanliness in commercial areas within Udupi Municipal Corporation limits.

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