Minister Rahim Khan Urges Swift Public Service Delivery

 Minister Rahim Khan Urges Swift Public Service Delivery
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Mangaluru, Sep 06, 2023: Minister for Municipal Administration and Haj, Rahim Khan, has called for prompt and efficient service delivery to the public when they approach local authorities for assistance.

Speaking after chairing a progress review meeting of local bodies at the Deputy Commissioner’s Office on Wednesday, September 6, the Minister emphasized the need to adhere to established rules and ensure that citizens’ needs are met promptly.

Minister Rahim Khan directed that the utilization of Nagarothana funds should be closely monitored to provide essential amenities to the public, with a strong emphasis on completing projects within the stipulated time and maintaining high quality standards.

He further outlined the need for the preparation and submission of an action plan for Nagarothana phase-IV works to the government for approval after obtaining the DC’s consent. In cases where corrections are needed, a revised action plan should be promptly formulated and submitted.

The Minister stressed the importance of personal inspection of works by the Deputy Commissioner and the timely approval of completed projects for billing.

Turning his attention to the vital issue of Indira Canteens, Minister Rahim Khan highlighted the government’s efforts to prevent food scarcity among disadvantaged individuals. He noted that subsidies for these canteens have been increased, and the distribution of food is being tailored to local areas. The Minister insisted on the distribution of good-quality food in fixed quantities to the public.

Recognizing the need for repairs and maintenance due to neglect over the past five years, the Minister assured that necessary funds would be allocated to improve the condition of Indira Canteens. The government also has plans to expand the network of these canteens across the state, and officials were instructed to identify suitable locations for their establishment.

Property tax reforms were discussed, with the Minister urging the implementation of new fees and stressing the importance of achieving higher water charge collection rates. Currently, the property tax collection in the district’s local bodies stands at 65.84 percent, falling short of the 75 percent target.

Regarding water management during a below-average monsoon season, the Minister called for proactive measures to prevent drinking water shortages in local bodies. He emphasized the importance of raising public awareness about responsible water usage.

Efficient waste management practices were encouraged, with an emphasis on scientific disposal methods to prevent pollution. The Minister suggested revenue generation through recycling, urging the establishment of waste management units within local bodies.

He stressed the proper implementation of schemes earmarked for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and the need for renewing trade licenses annually or every five years. He called for clear guidelines regarding advertisements in public and private spaces and the enforcement of rules for unauthorized advertisements.

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