Madhva Navami held in Udupi and Pajaka

 Madhva Navami held in Udupi and Pajaka
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Udupi, Jan 30, 2023: Madhva Navami was celebrated with reverence in Udupi and Pajaka Kshetra.

The events in Udupi was attended by Paryaya Peetadhipati Sri Vidyasagara Tirtha Sripadaru and Sri Vidyarajeshwara Tirtha Sripadaru of Palimar Matha, while the Madhva Navadinotsava in Pajaka was led by Kaniyooru Matadhipati Sri Vidyavallabha Tirtha Sripadaru. Sri Vidyasagara Tirtha Sripadaru offered special worship to Sri Madhvacharya at Sri Anantheshwara Temple in Udupi.

Sri Madhvacharya taught and held discourses at Sri Anantheshwara Temple and is believed to be present there even today. On Madhva Jayanthi and Navami, special prayers are held there, with daily prayers offered by the Paryaya Peetadhipathi.

At Pajaka, Aitareya Shakala Rik Samhita Yaga was held, followed by Vayustuti Purascharana Homa and Srikara Pooja on Saturday, and Samsthana Pooje and special worship by Sri Vidyavallabha Tirtha Sripadaru on Monday. The idol of Sri Madhvacharya was installed by Sri Vadirajaru at Pajaka. The Poornahuti of Samhitayaga took place in the morning, followed by the procession of Sri Anantapadmanabha and Sri Madhvacharya, and Madhva Navami Rathotsava in the evening.

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