Kids enjoy Children’s Day at Mangaluru Airport

 Kids enjoy Children’s Day at Mangaluru Airport
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Caricature artist Harini presents a caricature to a young passenger at MIA as part of Childrens’ Day celebration.

Mangaluru Nov 15, 2022: Mangaluru International Airport, which is known for taking up unique initiatives to engage its passengers, had attractive programs for three days as part of the Children’s Day celebration.

Caricaturing, Magic and jugglery were some of the events held from November 12. Passengers, especially the children, enjoyed every event.

Children understood the nuances that define caricature, the dexterity that magicians bring to the table, and the art of balancing that jugglers revel at.

Eminent caricature artist Harishchandra Shetty M who is famous as ‘Harini’ set the ball rolling for the Children’s Day celebration on November 12. He drew broad smiles from the young and old alike by transforming their facial features into fine caricatures. His pen moved in sync with his observation powers and the white paper that served as his canvas, came alive with bold and deft strokes, vowing his audience who posed for him.

Jideesh R vows a young passenger with his magic tricks at MIA as part of Childrens’ Day celebration

Jideesh R and his assistant Manikantan M took the children into the mystical world of magic with their spellbinding performance on November 13. While the children enjoyed the magic show, they also enjoyed being a part of the event as volunteers. 

Ratheesh P K is cynosure of concentration with his juggling act at MIA as part of Childrens’ Day celebration

Ratheesh P K effortlessly juggled items big and small in the grand finale performance on Children’s Day. Weaving his way through the passengers in the domestic security hold area, Ratheesh did not lose sight of the objects that he was so adroitly balancing. The giggles of children and gasps of vow from the adults were the perfect acknowledgment of his jugglery skill.

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