From Anil’s Jack nursery

 From Anil’s Jack nursery
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Mangaluru, May 08, 2022: Over two decades ago Anil from Kerala had come and settled in Puttur Taluk of Dakshina Kannada district.

At a time when most of the people from Kerala were interested in Rubber plantation, Anil thought of some innovative business. As Anil was from the family that was expert in nursery, he decided to continue the same but with a change. Anil decided to start a Jackfruit nursery.

Two decades down the lane, Anil is now Jack Anil. The Jackfruit plans at his nursery have great demand within and outside the district.

He stresses on the quality of plants.

Situated next to the massive Ninnikallu (Menhir- a Megalithic structure), the nursery is one of the busiest spots in the region.

Anil who has a great knowledge about the jackfruit trees, gives necessary tips to the growers when he hands over the plants to them.

This week Guys on Wheels take us to Jack Anil’s nursery situated at Ninnikallu in Puttur.

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  • ANIL’s interest in promoting the food crop- Jackfruit is highly appreciated. His wisdom and skills in conservation and promotion are to be nurtured by academic and research institutions and by the farming society. Each one’s support to make reach this food crop to each one as a family plant calls for focussed attention. A wide range of plant varieties and accessions have multi-utilitarian benefits for the food industry and all varied stakeholders to be promoted..

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