New parking area for two-wheelers at Mangaluru Airport

 New parking area for two-wheelers at Mangaluru Airport
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Mangaluru, April 05, 2022: Mangaluru International Airport in its continued endeavour to prioritize safety and security of stakeholders, has introduced a new parking area for two-wheeler vehicles.

Located adjacent to the roundabout near the entrance to the airport, the parking facility spread across an area of 690sqmt accommodates 130 two-wheelers.

With this the airport now offers two dedicated parking spaces for two-wheelers, which has a combined capacity to park 300 two-wheelers.

The airport has developed the latest parking lot on hitherto barren patch of hard soil by covering it with plain concrete cement. 

Further steps have been initiated to illuminate the parking area to ensure ease of parking of vehicles even at night.

Dedicating this new parking island is also in sync with the airport’s commitment to provide safe and dedicated parking space for its various stakeholders to ensure ease of traffic movement on the airport premises.

With the positive uptake of travel this summer from Mangaluru Airport, the new parking space is an effective intervention on part of the airport to meet the needs of the stakeholders using the facility for their needs.

Overall, the total parking islands at the airport now has gone up to seven. The remaining five parking islands are earmarked for four-wheelers and have a combined capacity to house 300 4-wheelers. This includes dedicating parking lot for app-based taxi aggregators, pre-paid airport taxi services, private and official vehicles.

Each parking lot has dedicated staff to assist all stakeholders who not just help park the vehicles efficiently, but also safeguard the vehicles.

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