Brahmavar accident victim gives life through organ donation

 Brahmavar accident victim gives life through organ donation
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Manipal, April 05, 2022: The organ donation by the victim of the Brahmavar accident has helped six persons.

An accident took place at Uppinakote of Brahmavar Taluk on April 2. Nineteen-year-old Shrinivas, a resident of Saligrama village, was severely injured in the accident. He was rushed to Kasturba Hospital, Manipal for treatment.

“Despite our doctors’ efforts, the prognosis was poor and he did not show any signs of recovery. Shrinivas was declared brain dead by the Panel of expert Doctors officially twice at 6 hours intervals. The first was at 3.15 pm on April 4 and the second one at 7.50 am on April 5,” Medical Superintendent Dr. Avinash Shetty told in a press communique.
“Subsequently, Srinivas’s father Raju Nairy expressed willingness to donate viable organs to save other needy patients’ life. Two kidneys, two corneas, Liver and Skin were harvested and helped to save the lives of 6 people,” he said.

As per Jeevasarthakathe protocols and decisions, two corneas, two kidneys, and skin were retained by Kasturba Hospital Manipal for the registered patients, and the lever was sent to Aster Hospital, Bengaluru.

“Organ donation is a noble cause and my son has committed a great deed even in his death,” Raju Nairy said.

“Organ donation is a great work to save lives, and people should encourage such good things. We thank the family members of Shrinivas who decided to do this noble cause. Media should play a vital role in delivering the matter to the public, this will help raise awareness about organ donation with the general public,” Dr. Avinash Shetty said.

The harvested organs were transferred to all the recipients’ hospitals with the support of the Udupi Police Department from Manipal through the Mangaluru International Airport via Green Corridor.

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