Kudla celebrates Kodial Ther

 Kudla celebrates Kodial Ther
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Mangaluru, Feb 19, 2022: The 201st Mangaluru Rathotsava (Kodial Ther) of Sri Venkataramana Temple was held in the presence of Sri Samyamindra Tirtha Swamiji of Kashi Matha today.

The annual Rathotsava celebration is held from Magha Shudha Tritiya to Ashtami (the 3rd to 8th day of Magha month). On the seventh day- Rathasaptami, the Brahma Rathotsava is held. The event attracts thousands.

Many who reside outside Mangaluru, make it a point to visit the event and offer prayers to Lord Venkataramana.

After the Pooja and rituals, Sri Veera Venkatesha and Sri Srinivasa deities were taken in the Golden Palanquin to the Brahma Ratha.

Hundreds of devotees offered prayers.

Temple trustees C L Shenoy, Prashanth Rao, Ramachandra Kamath, MLA D Vedavyas Kamath, P Dayananda Pai, Mundkur Ramadas Kamath and others were present.

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