Painting Gandhi’s Principles

 Painting Gandhi’s Principles
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Karwar, Oct 02, 2021: They were celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi when they found ‘Gandhiji,’ appear before them on Saturday morning! While many clicked a selfie with him, some people fell to his feet. Government officials too were delighted to see ‘Gandhi,’ at the program.

Shivanand Kalas of Kalasvada, who resembles has this rare hobby of dressing up like Gandhiji. He has been doing this for about 15 years and after a small gap did it again on Saturday. Sixty-five-year-old Shivanand had served as the attendee at the Karwar Court.

“Gandhiji was a great person who believed in truth and non-violence. The young generation needs to follow in his footstep. This is my small effort to attract people towards ‘Gandhi,’ and his principles,” Shivanand says.
“People come with great respect and speak to me,” he added.

“I was reading a news article in ‘Karavali Munjavu,’ newspaper at my residence today morning when Shivanand appeared in my house. He was dressed up like Gandhiji. Everybody in the house and nearby was happy to see him and clicked photos with him,” activist Madhav Nayak told The Canara Post.

“We went to the Gandhi Jayanthi celebration at Karwar where all the officials right from Deputy Commissioner Mullai Muhilan, CEO Priyanga M, Assistant Commissioner Vidyashri Chandaragi and people were excited to see him. Even at the District Hospital the doctors and people clicked photos with him,” Nayak added.

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