Greens want Wildlife Day to be more meaningful

 Greens want Wildlife Day to be more meaningful
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Mangaluru, March 03, 2021: Today is World Wildlife Day. While various programs are organized by the government and organizations, environmentalists have raised their concern over the damage caused to the wildlife in recent years.

Though government organizes awareness programs for the people, environmentalists feel that such programs are of hardly any use.

“World Wildlife Day remains is restricted only in papers. In reality, wildlife is facing various types of threats in the Western Ghats,” Sahyadri Sanchaya convener Dinesh Holla feels.

“The human intervention has increased over the years. The wildlife faces danger from the hunters, nearby resorts and homestays, and also who come for jolly trips. The natural food chain is damaged in the forest due to which animals starve or shift to other places. If these animals come outside the forest in search of food and enter the nearby village then people attack them. Nobody is serious about giving proper protection to wildlife,” he feels.

“We have come across many hunting incidents and tried to bring it to the notice of the officials. But their hands are tied. Has anybody involved in hunting or causing damage to wildlife and forest convicted till now? There is no fear among the people and so the damage to wildlife continues,” he says.

He gives the example of Uttara Kannada’s Kali Tiger reserve.

“I had been to Joida and stayed there for about a month. People there tell me that the ‘Kali reserve,’ is just a name. The number of tigers was more earlier,” he narrates.

“We cannot blame the forest department officials. The system is such that they too can hardly do anything. Instead of just celebrating Wildlife day, the government has to take some strong steps and protect wildlife,” he added.

Wildlife is not the responsibility of the forest department alone. It can be achieved if every person does his bit.

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