COVID-19: Eight new cases in Bhatkal on Saturday

 COVID-19: Eight new cases in Bhatkal on Saturday
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Six are secondary contacts of P-659. Two are primary contact of P-750.

Karwar, May 09: Bhatkal saw a further surge in the number of COVID patients on the second consecutive day.

If the number of positive was 12 on Friday, the town witnessed eight new positive cases on Saturday increasing the number to 20 in just two days. The total number of active cases in Bhatkal is 21 now.

All the 10 cases including the five-month pregnant in the past had recovered and discharged from the hospital. The last patient was discharged two weeks ago. When everything was returning to normalcy, P-659 tested positive on May 5.

When her contacts were checked, 12 including her neighbor and friend tested positive on Friday. The district administration had sent the contacts of all the 12 positive and as a result 8 tested positive on Saturday.

Of the eight positive, six are the secondary contacts of P-659, and two are the primary contact of P-750.

P-750 is a friend of P-659 and tested positive on Friday.

The authorities are also collecting details about the contacts of all these 20 patients. Sources said that the town may see few more cases in the coming days.

Officials said that all the patients were healthy and will be treated at the COVID ward in Karwar.

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