Lockdown Effect: No major forest fire in Western Ghats!!

 Lockdown Effect: No major forest fire in Western Ghats!!
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Mangaluru: The temperature is almost 40 degrees, most of the water sources in the Western Ghats have dried and the grassland has turned brown. Surprisingly despite all this, there is no major forest fire this year!

smoke coming due to forest fire in Western Ghats
A file photo of forest fire in Western Ghats 

Every year the Western Ghats is wounded due to the forest fire. Hundreds of trees turn into ashes along with various species of animals, insects, birds, and other creatures. Those which survive too are left with little to eat.

Forests in Barimale, Hosamane Gudda, Ramana Gudda, and Soppina Gudda between Arekal Valley and Horatti Valley, Durgadabetta, and nearby areas are among those which frequently experience forest fire.

For the last two years, the forest fire started as early as January and some areas witnessed more than once.

But surprisingly this year except for a few small incidents, there is no major forest fire.
Thanks to the Lockdown!

“We always argued that most of the forest fire is man-made. The hunters, tourists, and those who sneak into the forest to collect forest products are responsible. But the forest department denied our argument and maintained that the forest fire was because of natural reasons. If their theory is true then why is there is no major forest fire this year despite temperature reaching 40 degrees and all the grass dried up.” environmentalists and Sahyadri Sanchaya convener Mr. Dinesh Holla told
The Canara Post.

“Many tourists who come to the homestays and resorts situated in the forest during the weekend set a campfire. The hunters who stay in the forest during night set fire for cooking and to keep wild animals away. Similar is the case with forest product collectors. They do not completely extinguish the fire. This small fire, later on, results as forest and engulfs the entire forest,” he says.

“There are no tourists, hunters who go to the forest due to the Lockdown. As a result, there is no major fire except in the small patches near Kudremukh and Shishila. If the fire was due to natural reason then it should have continued this year too isn’t it,” he questions.

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