Telemedicine service to help patients in Uttara Kannada

 Telemedicine service to help patients in Uttara Kannada
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Karwar: For those patients who have any health issues and want the suggestions from their doctor, the district administration has come out with ‘Telemedicine’ service.

Due to COVID-19 and Lockdown, several private practitioners have shut the clinics. Many patients are facing a problem as they can not go to their family doctors. Though the government has opened the fever clinic, people still desire to consult their doctors.
To help such people, the Uttara Kannada district administration has proposed to start ‘Telemedicine,’ facility.
Under this, a patient who comes to the fever clinic with any health issues can get himself tested there and later can have a video call consultation with his doctor from the fever clinic itself! The doctor would collect the details of the medical checkup and then suggest medicine. 
Though patients can call their doctors and get consultation themselves over the phone, this facility would help in case of complications or if the patient needs any expert help.
“It is true that a patient can call the doctor over the phone. But there are some cases where testing the Blood Pressure or Blood Sugar has to be done. Also in case of pregnancy or treatment for children, there has to be some basic test. This will be done by our doctors,” Deputy Commissioner Dr. Harish Kumar K told The Canara Post.
“Once this is done the patient can speak to his doctor over the video call. The latter who would have the case history of the patient would give his suggestions considering the test report. The message has been conveyed to the doctors. We have asked our doctors to arrange for some app to help video calling. This system would be of help to the people,” he added.

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