‘SealDown,’ ‘LockDown,’….. What is it?

 ‘SealDown,’ ‘LockDown,’….. What is it?
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Mangaluru, April 10: She was worried after her uncle told that all the shops would be shut next week as the government has decided to impose ‘SealDown’ in the City.
“We are concerned. How long will it be there?” Savitha (name changed), a teacher by profession in Mangaluru City enquired.

Similar questions were making round in the minds of many in Mangaluru after rumors went wild that the district administration would impose ‘SealDown’ in the city along with other cities like Bengaluru and Kalburgi.

Some media too had highlighted the possibilities of a complete SealDown in various parts of the state.

Like all rumors, this too did not have any base.

Source says that the rumors started spreading after the cabinet meeting at Bengaluru on Thursday evening. This got a boost after the police security was beefed up on Friday. As people saw new barricades erected, small roads blocked and more police movement, the theory of ‘SealDown,’ increased.

By afternoon people almost geared up to for necessary purchases. Looking at the increasing panic among the people, the Dakshina Kannada district administration immediately clarified.

“Rumors are making rounds about SealDown. There are no such plans. We are only strengthening the existing LockDown,” an official from the District Administration communique sent through Information Department declared.

Sources said that the only measures taken were to close the small lanes and roads in the Cities to ensure that every movement of the people was watched with minimum manpower.

Rumors are making rounds about SealDown. There are no such plans. We are only strengthening the existing LockDown 

In Mangaluru miscreants had spread rumors that the Friday Namaz was permitted. The police Commissioner and Mangaluru Khazi had to clarify that it was just a rumor. The Khazi and Muslim leaders requested the people to offer prayers at home.
The police were alert to ensure that the miscreants did create any problem.

Meanwhile, those who believed in the theory of SealDown opined that the LockDown in Karnataka was not very effective and Chief Minister Mr. B S Yediyurappa wanted to follow the lines of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

As 15 hotspots in Uttar Pradesh were SealeDown a few days ago, some believed that it would be done in Karnataka too.

But there were some things which people almost missed.

Firstly in Uttar Pradesh, only 15 hotspots were SealedDown and not the entire district. Officials consider the surroundings of the house of COVID-19 positive patient as cluster or hotspot. As per the guidelines, there are many restrictions in this cluster. The entry and exit of people are restricted and so is the movement of the people as it could lead to the spread of the virus.

The Uttara Kannada district administration had done it in Bhatkal where there are 9 positive cases. People were not allowed to go out of the house nor anybody allowed to come into Bhatkal. Essential commodities and medicines were provided to every house.

Thus instead of going into terms like ‘LockDown,’ and ‘SealDown,’ people should understand that social distancing is important to keep COVID-19 away and minimize their movement. 

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