DC’s Directive for Trouble-Free Sugarcane Procurement

 DC’s Directive for Trouble-Free Sugarcane Procurement
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Karwar, September 22, 2023: As the sugarcane crushing season approaches, set to begin from November 1 to November 15, Deputy Commissioner Gangu Bai Manakar has taken proactive measures to ensure a hassle-free experience for sugarcane growers in the district.

Presiding over a gathering of representatives from sugar factories and local sugarcane cultivators at the Deputy Commissioner’s office auditorium, the DC emphasized the need for seamless coordination during the procurement process.

For the upcoming sugarcane harvest, E.I.D. Parry (India) Ltd. has established a fair and remunerative price of Rs. 3,678 per tonne. She stressed the importance of synchronized procurement processes to ensure a seamless experience for growers.

To maintain transparency in weighing and related procedures, the Deputy Commissioner directed that growers should have a clear view of the weight measurement. She further urged the factories to install weighing facilities at the entrance, ensuring prompt measurement in the coming season.

Voicing their concerns over the elevated charges for harvesting and transportation, farmer leaders expressed dissatisfaction with the district’s rate of Rs. 893 per tonne, in contrast to the Rs. 772 per tonne prevalent in neighboring regions. They urged the representatives to align the rates in accordance with prior agreements.

Criticism was also raised regarding delayed weighing of the sugarcane, leading to moisture loss and decreased weight. The farmers called for transparent daily reporting of recovery rates.

In consideration of the district’s sugarcane growers, the Deputy Commissioner instructed the sugar factories to operate efficiently, avoiding any confusion or disruptions.

The DC assured that a details of past cases filed by factories against farmers would be obtained, with appropriate action taken in consultation with the District Superintendents of Police.

During the 2022-23 season, the district witnessed the crushing of 10,18,382 metric tonnes of sugarcane, yielding 1,19,478 metric tonnes of sugar, with a production efficiency of 11.97 percent. The current year saw sugarcane cultivation across 14,638 hectares, comprising 6,633 hectares of new sugarcane and 8,005 hectares of sugarcane.

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