Institute of Aviation Studies Shines Spotlight on Women’s Empowerment Through Art

 Institute of Aviation Studies Shines Spotlight on Women’s Empowerment Through Art
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Mangaluru, September 21, 2023: Srinivas University’s Institute of Aviation Studies hosted a vibrant ‘Collage Making Competition’ at their college in Hampankatta on September 16. The event showcased a fusion of creativity and talent. Participants were tasked with creating expressive collages, using magazines and newspapers as their artistic medium, all centered around the theme of Women’s Empowerment.

The competition witnessed a diverse range of interpretations, with artworks depicting the triumphs and challenges faced by women across various fields. Each piece narrated a distinctive story, provoking empathy and contemplation among the audience. The judging criteria encompassed Creativity, Symbolic or Visual Impact, and Relevance to the theme.

Seema K (II Year B.B.A Aviation Management), Swathi (II Year B.B.A Aviation Management), and Joyson DSouza (II Year B.B.A Aviation Management) from Team Poundriya clinched the prestigious first-place honor.

The second position was secured by Shraddha V.K (I Year B.B.A Aviation Management), Praseeja .C (III Year B.B.A Aviation Management), and Nayana Sathyan (III Year B.B.A Aviation Management) representing Team Manipushpaka.

Meanwhile, the third-place accolade was awarded to Abhishek N Kini (II Year B.B.A Aviation Management), Ripsy Raju (III Year B.B.A Aviation Management), and Mohammad Adil (I Year B.B.A Aviation Management).

The Collage Making Competition served as a powerful medium to highlight the imperative message of women’s empowerment through art. It resonated deeply with the audience, reinforcing the ongoing efforts toward gender equality. The event underscored that art is a dynamic force for change in the journey towards empowerment.

Dr. Pavithra Kumar, Dean of the Institute of Aviation Studies, extended warm congratulations to all the winners and participants, recognizing their dedication to this crucial cause. The event was a testament to the potential of art to bring about meaningful societal transformation.

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