Vibrant Display of IT Projects at St. Mary’s College

 Vibrant Display of IT Projects at St. Mary’s College
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Shirva (Udupi), May 31, 2023: In a celebration of creativity and technological prowess, St. Mary’s College in Shirva hosted a captivating IT Project Exhibition, leaving attendees awestruck by the ingenuity displayed by the talented students.

The exhibition was organized by computer science department of St Mary’s College, Shirva in collaboration with the IT Club.

At the heart of the event were the brilliant students from the Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) program, whose innovative projects mesmerized onlookers. The students left no stone unturned in showcasing their technical acumen and problem-solving abilities. This hands-on experience not only equipped them with a deeper understanding of industry needs but also fostered experiential learning, an invaluable aspect of their educational journey.

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Lieutenant K. Praveen Kumar, the Head of the Computer Science Department and Director of the IT Club, provided guidance and shared insights on the significance of the exhibition.

Dr. Herald Ivan Monis, the Principal of the college, and the President of the event, emphasized the importance of acquiring diverse skills during one’s student life to meet the rising competition in all fields. He commended the students and organizers for their efforts in organizing such an enriching exhibition.

During the event, Aneesh Bhat and Shetty Vishal Shubhkar were honored for securing the first prize in a coding competition held at Sri Devi Institute of Management’s Kenjar Medha Fest ’23, with a cash prize of 1500. Shetty Tarun Ramesh received recognition for being selected in the Wipro Campus Placement Drive.

The program witnessed the presence of lecturers Divyashree B, Sushma, Prakasha, as well as the dedicated students, teaching staff, and administrative personnel. Anup Nayak and Alister Sujoy Dsouza, students of III BCA, provided assistance throughout the event.

Veeksha Shetty extended a warm welcome to the gathering, while Anagha proposed the vote of thanks. Manvitha and her team delivered prayer services, and Sanjana skillfully compered the entire program.

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