UT Khader Elected Unopposed as Karnataka Assembly Speaker

 UT Khader Elected Unopposed as Karnataka Assembly Speaker
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Bengaluru, May 24, 2023: In a unanimous decision, Mangalore MLA UT Khader was elected as the speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

Recognizing the Speaker’s responsibility to uphold the dignity and decorum of the Assembly, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah expressed confidence in Khader’s ability to elevate the level of discussions under his leadership.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah commended Khader’s patience and deemed it an essential quality for the Speaker’s role. He emphasized the importance of discussions focused on the state’s development and extended his congratulations to the newly elected members, encouraging their active participation in the Assembly. The Chief Minister assured full cooperation to the newly elected Speaker, highlighting the need for unity and collaborative efforts across party lines.

Hailing from a distinguished political lineage, Khader succeeded his father as an MLA from the Ullal (presently Mangalore) constituency. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah fondly reminisced about Khader’s fervent dedication and activism, showcasing his previous stints as both an MLA and a minister. In recognition of his remarkable inquisitiveness, Khader was honored with the esteemed Sadanvira Award in 2018 for posing a record-breaking number of questions during legislative sessions. Throughout his career, Khader has exemplified a secular spirit and effectively led the sub-opposition party with unwavering responsibility.

A collective yearning among Assembly members is for the Speaker to transcend party lines, fostering discussions that address the pressing concerns of the state. Mounting concerns about the declining quality of the Assembly in recent times have prompted a collective resolve to overcome these challenges. Considered the sanctum of democracy, the Assembly serves as the stage for deliberating matters that affect the lives of the seven crore Kannadigas, he said.

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