Udupi DC urges collaborative action for safer seas

 Udupi DC urges collaborative action for safer seas
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Udupi, Feb 14, 2023: Udupi Deputy Commissioner Kurma Rao has called on the Coastal Security Police, Fisheries Department, fishermen, and local organizations to work together and implement maximum security measures to bring the number of deaths at sea down to zero.

Rao made the statement during the inauguration of the Coastal Security Training Institute at the Coastal Security Police Office in Malpe on February 13.

With a large number of tourists visiting the district, Rao emphasized the need for comprehensive training for the Coastal Security Police to address the dangers faced by tourists and fishermen at the beach and sea. He stressed the importance of constant technical training to adapt to changing circumstances and effectively deal with challenges at sea.

Abdul Ahad, SP of Coast Guard and Principal of the Coastal Security Training Institute, announced that the Coast Guard, Navy, and BSF officials will provide a two-week training program for selected personnel of the Coastal Security Police. The collaboration between local organizations and law enforcement aims to ensure the safety of all who venture out to sea.

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