Baale Muhurtha of Sri Puthige Matha on Dec 2

 Baale Muhurtha of Sri Puthige Matha on Dec 2
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Baale Muhurtha of Sri Puthige Matha on December 2

Udupi, Nov 28, 2022: The Baale Muhurtha of Sri Puthige Matha will be held on December 2.

Sri Sugunendra Tirtha Sripadaru, senior Swamiji of Puthige Matha and his disciple Sushrindra Tirtha Sripadaru will participate in the event.

Puthige Paryaya is scheduled to be held on January 18, 2024, and Baale Muhurtha marks the first preliminary ceremonies held before the Paryaya celebration.

All the four Muhurthas- Baale Muhurtha, Akki Muhurtha, Kattige Muhurtha, and Batta Muhurtha are held to make necessary preparations for the ‘Anna Daana’ during the two-year term of the Paryaya.

While Baale Muhurtha is to ensure the availability of plantain leaves, Akki Murtha marks the collection and storage of rice. Kattige Muhurtha ensures collection of firewood and Batta Muhurtha marks the preparation for the next season.

Plantain saplings are planted as part of Baale Muhurtha.

The program will start at 7 am on Dec 2. After offering prayers to Sri Chandramauleeshwara, Sri Ananteshwara, Sri Krishna, Mukhyaprana, Sri Madhvacharya and other deities, Baale Muhurtha will be held at 8.20 am at Puthige Matha premises.

At 9 am Swamiji will address the devotees.

In 2024, Sri Sugunendra Tirtha Sripadaru will ascend the Paryaya Peetha for the fourth time.

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