DRI intercepts narcotics parcel at Mumbai airport

 DRI intercepts narcotics parcel at Mumbai airport
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Mumbai, Oct 23, 2022: Based on intelligence that narcotic substances were likely to be smuggled into India through an International Courier Parcel, officers of DRI, Mumbai intercepted a parcel at the Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai on last Wednesday (20th of October, 2022).

The Parcel had originated in Paris and was destined for an address in Nalasopara in the outskirts of Mumbai. A thorough search of the Parcel resulted in the recovery of 1.9kg of Amphetamine Type Substance (ATS) in the form of tablets valued at more than Rs 15 crores in the illicit international market. The tablets were packed in polythene packs concealed inside the body of the corrugated packaging material.

In a follow up action, the DRI officers, in a meticulously planned operation uncovered multiple layers of recipients through which the consignment changed hands. The original recipient of the parcel was nabbed when he took delivery of the parcel. His interrogation led to another person who was the next in the chain. The second person was also nabbed in a similar manner.

The interrogation of the second accused revealed that the ultimate recipient of the parcel was a Nigerian national. The Nigerian national was also nabbed when he came to receive the parcel. Thus, a total of three persons, including a Nigerian national, have been apprehended so far in this case.

Further investigation in the case is under progress.

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