Sakleshpur-Maranahalli: Alternative one way routes suggested

 Sakleshpur-Maranahalli: Alternative one way routes suggested
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Mangaluru, July 17, 2022: The Light Motor Vehicle will now be able to take Shiradi Ghat, but with a diversion between Anemahal and Maranahalli.

As the stretch between Donigal and Maranahalli (between Sakaleshpur and Ghat section) is closed due to a landslide, people were unable to take Shiradi Ghat.

However, on July 17 Deputy Commissioner of Hassan issued an order mentioning alternate routes for the Light Motor Vehicles.

According to the revised order, LMVs like Cars, Jeeps, Tempo, LCV (Mini Van), two-wheelers, and Ambulances from Bengaluru to Mangaluru can take Salakeshpur-Anemahal-Kyanahalli-Chinnalli-Kadagaravalli-Maranahalli.

Similarly, these vehicles coming from Mangaluru to Bengaluru can take Maranahalli-Kadumane-Harle-Kodige-Anemahal-Sakaleshpur.

The vehicles should move in a single lane on this route and the speed limit is 30 km/hr. The police and NH officials have been asked to put up necessary sign boards.

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