Students should adopt self-discipline: Prof Narendra L Nayak

 Students should adopt self-discipline: Prof Narendra L Nayak
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Mangaluru, June 26, 2022: Students should have a clear goal in life and they should make constant efforts to achieve that goal. If you move forward with the right planning, hard work, dedication, and perseverance, you achieve the set goal. This country will become a developed one only if the students become self-disciplined. The development of the nation is in the hands of every student,” said Expert Group of Institutions Chairman Dr. Narendra L Nayak.

He was speaking at the orientation-2022 program organized for the students and their parents.

“There are certain rules and regulations in the college which students should not break under any circumstances,” he said.

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The Vice President of Expert Group of Institutions Dr. Ushaprabha N. Nayak asked the students to make the most of every small opportunity that comes their way.

“We should always be optimistic. It is not possible to say that desire is the source of sorrow. There must be desire in a man, otherwise, he becomes indifferent. Students should be mentally prepared to face the challenges ahead of their education and career. Parents play an important role in shaping the future of their children. They should set an example for their children,” she said.

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“Parents should not put too much pressure on the students in any way and should act in a conducive manner. The complete success of a student is possible only if the students, faculty, and the educational institution work together,” she said.

The students were administered oath on the occasion.

Ankush N Nayak, Director, Information Technology spoke about the proper use of technology at the academic level.
AIEC Department convener Prof Shyam Prasad spoke about the preparations for competitive exams and the various courses of the college and also the opportunities.

Prof Subrahmanya Udupa, Expert Pre-University College, Valachil, defined the pre-university stage as a new beginning in the life of the students.

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Siya Dayanand Chowta, the student who scored the highest marks in the II PUC examination, and her parents were felicitated.

Prof Ramachandra Bhat, Principal, Radhika Bhat, Physics Lecturer, Ashwini Pai, Hindi Lecturer, and others were present.

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