NEET 2021 : 93% Expert students eligible for medical admission

 NEET 2021 : 93% Expert students eligible for medical admission
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Mangaluru, Nov 02, 2021: As many as 1051 of the total 1127 students of Expert PU College, Mangalore (93% of the students) have secured eligibility for admission to medical colleges in the NEET 2021 the results of which were declared yesterday.

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Thanush Gowda V of the college who scored 700 out of 720 has secured 162nd All India Rank in the Unreserved Category and 33rd rank in the OBC category. Thejas who also scored 700 our of 720 meanwhile, has scured 165th All India Rank in the unreserved category secured 121st rank category rank. Reetham of the same college scored 695 out 72- and scured 307th AIR ad 220th category rank.

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Expert PU College students have secured 7 of the first 1000 All India ranks in the Unreserved category. Twenty five students have scored more than 650 marks while 41 students have scored more than 625 marks. As many as 50 students scored more than 600 marks and 115 students have scored more than 550 marks.

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Only 56% of all the students who wrote NEET all over India got eligibility for admission to medical colleges. However, at Expert PU College 93% students have secured eligibility. This reflects the quality of education imparted at the college, said Expert Group of Institutions Chairman Prof. Narendra L. Nayak.

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The following are some of the top scorers in the college:

  • R Srusti Shimoga 640th rank (marks 685)
  • Dhanwin L: 704th rank (marks 685)
  • Suhan Samarth B S: 704th rank (marks 685)
  • Chinmaye N: 767th rank (marks 682)
  • Meghana Bhat: 1006th rank (marks 678)
  • H D Ninad: 1280th rank (marks 675)
  • Vibha Parameshwar Hegde: 1390th rank (marks 673)
  • Supreet M Chittaragi: 1562nd rank (marks 670)
  • Chiranth K V : 1878th rank (marks 667)
  • Ashwini: 1811th rank (marks 667)
  • Gagan Ashok Bhandary: 1923rd rank (marks 666)
  • Akhil S: 2116th rank (marks 665)
  • Hrushikesh N H: 2138th rank (marks 665)
  • Holebasav Basavaraj Modi: 2070th rank (marks 665)
  • Sanjana Kamath Panchmal: 2148th rank (marks 665)
  • Spurthi Suresh Patil: 2574th rank (marks 660)
  • Shashwath H P: 2611th rank (marks 660)
  • Kiran M P: 2964th rank (marks 657)

Rohan Nikhil Dubeer (marks 655), Varshini N Shetty (marks 654), Barath R Shetty (marks 654), H N Jagruthi (marks 651), Harshith M K (marks 649 ), Ananya Sajjanar (marks 643) , Shravya N (marks 643), Sushant Naikwadi (marks 642), Harsh Karigoudar (marks 642), Ullas D N (marks 641), Nishank Gowda K P marks 641), Chirag H K (marks 640), Isha Hanumaraddy Koti (marks 637), Pramukh R M (marks 636), Marsonia Heet Vijaykumar (marks 635), Richa Sanjeev Deshpande (marks 634), Sathvik H B (marks 633), Dayanand Mallikarjun (marks 630), Pavan Kumar (marks 630), Nihar B H (marks 625), Tanmay R Pujari (marks 625), Bindiya Ramesh (marks 623), Kushi P H (marks 623), Vaibhav Parashuram Hitnalli (marks 621), Gowri S Uttangi (marks 620), Joshua Jacob T (marks 620), Praful Kolkar (marks 620), Darshan C P (marks 615), Shrushti S Shah (marks 613), Abhishek (marks 613), N Gagandeep (marks 610), Raynier Machado (marks 608), Rajitha Harishankar (marks 607), Sathvik Kumar (marks 606), Meghan Gowda Y N (marks 605), Parikshith K K (marks 604), Vishal Guddadamani (marks 603) Koustav Keerthi (marks 602), Dhruv Nagaraj Bhoski (marks 601), Muktha Shree K (marks 601), Raj Aniketh Reddy V S (marks 601) and Sandeep J (marks 600)

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