Expert: Excellent achievement by long term NEET students

 Expert: Excellent achievement by long term NEET students
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Mangaluru, Nov 05, 2021: The long-term NEET coaching students of Expert Coaching classes Mangalore have achieved excellent results in NEET 2021 with 97.95% of them securing eligibility for admission to medical colleges this year.

“The students who studied in other colleges and scored less marks last year i.e., in NEET 2020, and thereby could not get admission to any medical colleges but determined to try again have done wonderfully this year,” Prof. Narendra L. Nayak, Chairman, Expert Group of Institutions, Mangaluru said in a press statement.

“These students have proved that, if study conducive environment scientific coaching, able guidance, and study materials are given to prepare for the examination doing well in NEET is not certainly an impossible task,” the press statement added.

As preparation for competitive examination requires special coaching along with PU classes attaining success in NEET becomes very difficult for many students. With a view to help them materialize their dreams, Expert Coaching classes that has been training students for competitive examinations for the last three decades commenced long-term NEET coaching in 2016.

Of the long-term NEET coaching students this year, three students have secured more than 600 marks, 28 have secured more than 500, and 50 students have secured more than 400 marks. The following are the students who have secured very good results this year. (Their last year marks are given in bracket).

Pavan Kumar K 630 (320), Abhishek 613 (431), Raynier Chaitra 608 (310), Ananya U N Jogi 584 (447), Vinayaka D I 582 (363), Poornesh S 572 (284), Bharghav Swaroop C 571 (424), Srushti 571 (519), Aneesh K 570 (406), Alisha Chrissel Lobo 561 (423), Arun B Patil 557 (259), Unnathi A Shetty 551 (378), Nidhi Shetty 550 (428), Mahima 548 (407), Naman Shetty 547 (462), Chandan MC 545 (423), Inchara Jagadish 545 (478), Nithish Poojary 543 (260), Manoj H. 540 (376), Sachidananda L. 540 (405), Hanin 536 (486), Poorvi Shetty K. 534 (418), Sagar D. 533 (330), Trupti V. Shetty 531 (396), Khushi 530 (364), Vishrutha TV 521 (357), Aravind Gowda 514 (242) and Anisha Hegde 501 (317).

About 97% of the students who opted for long-term NEET coaching last year got seats in different medical colleges. Even this year students have secured good results and most students would certainly get admission in medical colleges said Prof. Narendra L. Nayak, Chairman, Expert Group of Institutions, Mangalore, lauding the achievement of these students.

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