Tomato Fever: DC asks officials, public to be alert

 Tomato Fever: DC asks officials, public to be alert
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Udupi, May 13, 2022: With more than 80 children aged below 5 years have been diagnosed with tomato fever at Walayar on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, Deputy Commissioner Kurma Rao M has asked the officials to be watchful.

It is named tomato fever, as tomato-shaped blisters build up in the body of children who develop a fever. The fever is spread by the virus and there is no connection between the fever and Covid-19.

The symptom of this fever is similar to that of Chikungunya- cough, cold, dehydration along with fever and blisters. As it spreads from one person to another, infected children should be quarantined. The blisters should not be rubbed.

The DC asked the District Medical Officers, and Health Staff to take appropriate action if any case with these symptoms are found. He directed the officials to keep a tab on the people, pilgrims, and children coming from Kerala.

Officials have been asked to conduct the test in Kollur and other religious centers and tourist places in the district.
If symptoms are found in children, the Private hospitals and Paediatricians should conduct tests and inform the officials.

“People need not panic. They should be aware of the symptoms of tomato fever and maintain cleanliness. Extra care should be taken to avoid dehydration,” Rao added.

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