Mangaluru Airport improves domestic pre-embarkation security check area

 Mangaluru Airport improves domestic pre-embarkation security check area
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Mangaluru, April 06, 2022: Mangaluru International Airport has improved the domestic pre-embarkation security check (PESC) area.

The initiative will further enable the personnel of aviation security group (ASG) of CISF who look after the security hold area (SHA) achieve an improved turnaround time in screening passengers and welcoming them into the waiting area, prior to departure of their flight.

“The improvement plan is a continued endeavor on part of Mangaluru International Airport to strengthen seamless experience for passengers. It features additional preparation tables and security trays. It also gives MIA much needed leeway to relocate the temporary e-gates set up for testing, if needed. It also ensures optimal utilization of free space at the domestic PESC area before check in,” a press statement from the MIA stated.

The improvement plan has created additional 4metre area from where the preparation tables were placed earlier to their current location. The increase in the number of preparation tables has also given passengers the extra space to place all the materials in their possession in trays for pre-embarkation check that the ASG personnel carry out using baggage screening machines.

The addition of baggage rollers to the baggage screening machines further helps in ensuring faster turnaround of passenger baggage. Passengers now have ample space and time in the pre and post PESC area to go through the check-in process. The plan will increase passenger throughput in domestic PESC and ensure a happy experience for all stakeholders concerned at the airport.

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