Mangaluru: CPIM stages protest against price hike

 Mangaluru: CPIM stages protest against price hike
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Mangaluru, April 02, 2022: A protest demonstration was held at the clock tower in the city today.

The protest was held as part of the call given by the CPIM Central Committee against the rising prices of essential commodities, including petrol, diesel, cooking gas, medicine, etc.

The protesters shouted slogans condemning the anti-people policies of the central government that led to the price rise.

Addressing the protest, the CPIM DK. District secretary K. Yadava Shetty said that though the prices of petroleum products have come down in the international market, instead of reducing the prices of petrol and diesel, the government has increased taxes. This has caused hardship to the common man.

“As a result, even the prices of essential commodities have increased. Before coming to power, the BJP had raised a lot of hue and cry about the price rise. But now the party is in power and is silent on the subject. In order to divert the attention of the people, it is taking up emotional issues to the fore in the name of caste and religion,” he alleged.

CPIM DK. District Secretariat member J. Balakrishna Shetty said that the people of the country, who are already suffering from job losses and unemployment, are facing problems because of taxes and GST.
“The vehicle amendment act is a scar on the wound,” he said.

CPIM District Secretariat member Sunil Kumar Bajal blamed the Modi government and alleged that it was involved in anti-people policies.

CPIM leaders K. Sadashiv Das, Padmavathi Shetty, Jayantha Nayak, Yogesh Jappinamogaru, Jayanthi Shetty, B. K. Imtiyaz, Manoj Vamanju, Mahabala Deppalimar, Noonaiah Gowda, Bharathi Bolara, CITU leaders Santhosh R. S. Mustafa, Nagesh Kotian and others were present.

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