Minister R Ashok’s Grama Vastavya in Udupi district

 Minister R Ashok’s Grama Vastavya in Udupi district
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Brahmavar, Feb 19, 2022: It was a celebration in Kokkarne and Aroor in Udupi district. People were thrilled as Revenue Minister R Ashok was in the village to listen to the grievances and provide a solution.

Ashok along with Minister Sunil Kumar, MLA Raghupathi Bhat arrived in a bullock cart. The villagers gave him a warm welcome on his arrival.

“While people from the village had to travel to the district headquarters and approach the officials to get their work done. We have reversed the order. Now officials are coming to your doorsteps to listen to your grievances and provide a solution,” Ashok said.

At Kokkarne he distributed facilities to about 1417 beneficiaries which included hearing aid, monthly pension, hakku patra, financial aid, Sukanya samridhi passbook, and others.

“Officials and leaders will be able to collect the ground reality when they visit the villages. This effort will help the common man,” he said.

Ashok later visited the Volabailu village and spoke to the Kudubi community. They welcomed him with a Kanakambara flower garland.

In the evening he went to Aroor village where he stayed overnight.

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