MIA integrates RT-PCR pre-booking facility with online payment gateway

 MIA integrates RT-PCR pre-booking facility with online payment gateway
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Facility for international arrival and departure

Mangaluru, Dec 27, 2021: Mangaluru International Airport has fully integrated the pre-booking facility for passengers who need to undergo the mandatory RT-PCR tests with online payment gateway.

Mangaluru International Airport has arranged to carry out the RT-PCR and rapid RT-PCR testing facility in the pre-immigration arrival hall and rapid RT-PCR testing facility in the departure area for the enhanced benefit of all International passengers.

The pre-booking link bit.ly/3IbldkM that is hosted on the Mangaluru International Airport website, is also available on the Air Suvidha portal.

Passengers may self-book the tests by scanning the QR code displayed at various locations in the International arrival and departure halls. Mangaluru International Airport team members are also available to assist, especially senior citizens and passengers without mobile phones and adequate internet connectivity to complete the process.

In this new arrangement, passengers walk into self-check-in lane where they are presented with QR placed at different levels, scan the QR code, fill in the demographics and make a payment online or through card/UPI/cash. They in turn receive a token number on their mobile, email, which then intimates them to give the sample and wait in the hall while observing social distancing to collect their report and proceed with their onward journey.

Integration of the pre-booking facility with the online payment gateway will complete the complete digital journey for passengers. It also endeavors to reduce the average processing time per passenger at the respective halls, further facilitate better queue management, help achieve adherence to guidelines from ICMR for registration, sample collection and report generation and ensure all Social distancing, Mask and Sanitization (SMS) norms are in place.

Such passengers who may not carry mobile phones or tabs, may register themselves by scanning the QR code from the Mangaluru International Airport’s executive device, fill in the details and submit the form. There is a mobile and web version for better enablement. This is basically is a single touch mode at sample collection if the payment is prepaid.

Mangaluru International Airport has set up waiting area sufficient for 92 passengers, six registrations counters and two sampling booths, including 70 Rapid RT-PCR machines in the departure area. Mangaluru International Airport also made available adequate waiting area for accommodating 92 passengers equipped with washrooms, food and beverage facilities, Wi-Fi and foreign exchange service in the arrival hall.

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