Seers object to Hamsalekha’s statement on Pejawar Swamiji

 Seers object to Hamsalekha’s statement on Pejawar Swamiji
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Udupi, Nov 15, 2021: Religious heads and disciples of Pejawar Matha have strongly objected to the statement by Music Director Hamsalekha on Pejawar Swamiji.

At a program, Hamsalekha had had spoken lightly about Pejawar Swamiji Sri Vishwesha Tirtha Swamiji’s visit to Dalit colonies.

“Such statement should not have come from a person like Hamsalekha. Society has placed him in a high place. It is common for many to give such statements for publicity. But Hamsalekha does not need publicity from such statements,” Sri Vishwaprasanna Tirtha Swamiji of Pejawara Matha said.

“My Guru (Sri Vishwesha Tirtha Swamiji) saw Krishna among people in the society. So he used to visit the Dalit colony and also used to meet people affected by cyclones and earthquakes. He expected the welfare of every person,” he said.

“Our efforts are honest. So we will not stop for somebody’s statement. We are not doing any work for getting recognition. We are with Dalits. Dalits are not separate from us,” he declared.

He also asserted that he will not protest against the statement issued by Hamsalekha.

Sri Vidyaprasanna Tirtha Sripadaru of Subrahmanya Matha too has strongly objected to the statement.

“Pejawara Swamiji had dedicated his life to the welfare of the society. Sadly, such a statement is given against him,” he said.

“Every person lives by his lifestyle. Pejawara Swamiji visited Dalit colonies. That itself was a great step. Does it mean that he should have quit his foodstyle?” he questioned.

“We strongly condemn such statement,” he added.

“I admire Hamsalekha’s music. We respected him a lot. But we are unable to understand why he gave such a statement against Pejawar Swamiji. We are saddened by this statement,” Ashoka Acharya, a disciple of Pejawara Matha said.

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