Dakshina Kannada issues guidelines for Eid Milad

 Dakshina Kannada issues guidelines for Eid Milad
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Mangaluru, Oct 18, 2021: Dakshina Kannada district administration has issued an order in connection to the Eid Milad celebration.

The order issued by the Deputy Commissioner states:

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  • To prevent the spread of Covid the Eid Milad celebration this year should be organized in a simple and with utmost devotion.
  • Mass processions are banned.
  • During the discourse or cultural program or stage programs, not more than 100 people can gather at a time. Social distance has to be strictly maintained.
  • Social distancing, Covid Appropriate Behaviour, and all precationary measures should be followed at Mosques and Dargas.
  • Mikes, Digital Sound System (DJ) is banned in public places.
  • The face mask is compulsory at places of worship during prayers. Strict action against those who are found without the mask.
  • Those above 60 years and below 10 years should pray and celebrate the event at home.
  • Hand sanitizers and hand wash should be provided at the entrance.
  • Mass prayers should be held by following Covid Appropriate Behaviour. In case there are more people, then the prayers should be held in batches.
  • At least 6 feet distance while offering Namaz at Mosques. The temperature should be checked at the entrance of Mosques.
  • Those participating in the prayers at Mosque should bring their Musalla. People should not embrace or shake hands.
  • The Eid Milad celebration should be held only at Mosques and not in other public places like halls, community halls, Shadi Mahal, and similar places.
  • Prayers at open places, speeches in public places, processions at Khabarstan will not be allowed.
  • Covid Appropriate Behaviour should be followed compulsorily.

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