Now only 40 people to attend marriage

 Now only 40 people to attend marriage
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Bengaluru, May 08, 2021: The state government had made some changes in connection to organizing marriages during the COVID curfew.

This modification has been made in the addendum issued today.

As per the modification Marriage already scheduled are permitted to be conducted at their respective home in a low key manner involving only close family relatives up to 40 people (earlier it was 50) and strictly adhering to the conditions:


  1. Those organizing marriages shall submit a duly signed application along with a marriage invitation card or any other relevant document to obtain permission for conducting a marriage function to the concerned Tahsildars at the districts or Joint Commissioner of the BBMP Zone in the BBMP area.
  2. On the receipt of the application, the Tahsildar (Joint Commissioner of BBMP in BBMP limits) shall issue 40 passes for each of the marriage events.
  3. Only people with passes shall be allowed to attend the marriage function and passes shall not be transferable.
  4. People attending the marriage function shall strictly follow COVID appropriate behavior and display their passes to the authorized inspecting officer.

The addendum issued today also has some additions.
Iron ore mining for sale to the steel industry and limestone mining for use in the cement industry is added to the permitted list.

Click HERE for copy of addendum

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