DGP clarifies on use of vehicles to purchase groceries

 DGP clarifies on use of vehicles to purchase groceries
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Bengaluru, May 10, 2021: The police department has clarified that there is no bar on the use of vehicles to purchase groceries.

DGP has tweeted the clarification as people strongly objected after police officials were acting against those who ventured to purchase groceries.

The government had asked people to walk to the nearby shops for groceries. But it was not practical especially in the rural and Malnad region where people had to travel several miles to reach the shops.

Following all these the DGP clarified in the evening.

“To buy groceries, vegetables, and daily needs there is NO BAR for using a vehicle to your neighborhood shop in cities or nearest availability point in rural areas,” he tweeted.

“Use this facility with discretion & not as a license for free run every day. Stay at home for your own safety,” he added.

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