Udupi DC takes COVID norms violators to task

 Udupi DC takes COVID norms violators to task
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Udupi, March 23, 2021: The sudden checking by Udupi Deputy Commissioner G Jagadeesh came as a shock for many who felt the mask and social distancing rules were just in the books.

Finding people not following the COVID norms, G Jagadeesh decided to visit a few places and impose fines on the violators.

He stood near the clocktower at the service bus stand circle and made people without masks pay a fine.

On seeing two youths not wearing masks, the DC asked them to give a talk on Corona. One of them was seen trying to give some excuse.

Jagadeesh also visited some of the shops and expressed unhappiness against the shop owners who did not wear a mask. The DC took the owner to task when the latter tried to give an excuse for not wearing a mask.

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He imposed a fine of ₹5,000 on the shop and ₹100 each on four employees.
The DC and team imposed a ₹ 5,000 fine on four shops.

“This is to create awareness among the people. In the future we will also book criminal cases against the violators,” Jagadeesh told reporters.

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