Pejawar Swamiji’s snake catching technique goes viral

 Pejawar Swamiji’s snake catching technique goes viral
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Udupi, July 30: While Puranas show how even a blade of grass can be turned into Brahma Shirsha Astra, Sri Vishwaprasanna Teertha of Pejawar Mutt has demonstrated how a coconut leaflet can be adopted to catch snake!
The video has gone viral on social media and has received great appreciation.
Sri Vishwaprasanna Teertha Swamiji of Pejawar Mutt is on Chaturmasya Vrita at Neelavara Ghoshala in Udupi district. The Goshala is his dream project where he rears the neglected and abandoned cows.
The Swamiji who is one of the members of the Ayodhaya Rama Janmabhoomi trust is known for this love towards cattle and farming. He works in the fields and Gowshala after his daily Pooja and preachings.
The video clipping that went viral shows him teaching his disciples how to catch a snake using an easy method. The video was captured by one of his disciples.
The Swamiji uses a leaflet of the coconut tree leaf and then shows how it can be used as a string to catch the snake. This method helps in catching the snake while ensuring that the reptile is safe and unhurt. 

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