Resident Welfare Associations allowed to establish COVID Care Centres

 Resident Welfare Associations allowed to establish COVID Care Centres
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Udupi, July 12: The Karnataka government has issued guidelines for establishing COVID care centres managed by resident welfare association, apartment owners association or companies in their own premises.
Government of Karnataka is establishing COVID care centres (CCC) for Isolation and management of asymptomatic and mild symptomatic COVID 19 cases in govt/private institutions like Shri Shri Ravishankar ashram, BIEC, Haj bhavan, GKVK, etc. In this context a number of Resident Welfare /Apartments Owners Association have come forward to facilitate home isolation and management of positive persons in their premises for the benefit of residents/communities in their walled/gated community.
In this regard the government has decided to involve the community organisations in the management of mild and asymptomatic COVID-19 positive persons by themselves. It is noteworthy to mention here that various RWAs/AOAs have shown interest for managing COVID Care Centres.
1. Facilities needed:
a. Vacant houses, community halls and flats within the apartment(s)/community.
b. Separate accommodation for women and children.
c. Individual occupancy in a room of 10 xlO feet preferably with attached bathroom and toilet.
d. In the absence of individual rooms, 4 to 6 COVID positive persons shall be accommodated in a hall having attached bath and toilet/s.
e. Temporary partitions of either PVC or side screen shall be provided for individual privacy keeping a physical distance of minimum of six feet between the two beds.
f. Beds, mattresses, furnishings and linens, uninterrupted water and power supply shall be available. g) Homemade food either from the patient’s house or from a common kitchen shall be arranged.
g. Ancillary services like garbage management, sanitation and logistics should be managed exclusively and separately for the COVID block. Especially the biomedical waste shall be treated with 1% hypochlorite solution for a contact period of one hour should be assured before final disposal.
h. If citizens of a group of individual houses in a street or neighbourhood are willing and have an independent unoccupied house or community hall they are encouraged to run CCC facilities akin to RWAS.
2. Eligibility for admission in community managed Covid care centre (CCC):
All Asymptomatic and mild symptomatic COVID positive persons except the following
a. > 60 years of age.
b. With comorbid conditions like hypertension, diabetes, severe obesity, thyroid disease, cancer, kidney diseases include patients on dialysis, heart diseases, stroke, Tuberculosis, People living with HIV, immune-compromised, on steroids and immunesuppressants.
c. Pregnant women and lactating mothers.
d. Children below 10 years of age.
e. Any other serious medical/psychological condition.
3. Medical care at Covid care centre (CCC):
a. Access to public shall be restricted.
b. The RWA / AOA / Company should have a tie up with medical team (or with a doctor residing in the premises) for triaging & regular clinical support of the patients.
c. Nursing staff will conduct temperature measurement and pulse oximetry, monitor other symptoms, record the temperature and sp02 with fingertip pulse oxymetery thrice a day, and shall have tele consultation with the doctor for any instructions.
d. Linkage with an affiliated private hospital, dedicated COVID-19 health center or hospital for referring the COVID positive person in case of need.
e. Adequate supplies of PPE Kits, N-95 Masks, triple layered surgical masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, thermal scanners, pulse oximeter, glucometer, BP apparatus, stethoscope, medicines like hydroxy chloroquine, vitamin-C, zinc, etc shall be available.
f. In case of emergency, ambulance services shall be obtained from government ambulance service 108/private ambulance.
g. The COVID positive person shall be under the care of RWAs; attending doctor and staff nurses will all be under the supervision of the jurisdictional MOH/DHO/HO of BBMP or THO/DH & FWO of the department.
h. Data entry — the nursing officer shall maintain patient charts and records (for requisite parameters), and the doctor shall officially verify the record data and advise.
4. Required amenities for Covid care centre (CCC):
a. Support staff for food/supervision- will be present 24/7, in two or three shifts designated only for the care of patients in the ratio of 1:12 per COVID positive person.
b. Designated security personnel shall supervise the CCC.
c. 24/7 Electricity with power back up & Water supply.
d. Monitoring facility using CCTV camera installed (optional).
e. Facility for disinfection & sterilization of linen & utensils of COVID positive person.
f. Availability of broadband Internet connectivity with computers and DEOs for providing the COVID-19 patients data.
5. Daily monitoring and medical supervision of the COVID positive persons by the medical and health team:
a. Thrice daily temperature & Sp02 recording using fingertip pulse oximeter.
b. 24/7 monitoring by medical officer.
c. Attending to medical and other complaints.
6. Food and Nutrition:
a. Nutritious diet should •be- provided to the patients using the suggested diet plan as per government advice, but catering to the patient’s individual tastes, allergies and dietary requirements. Food will be delivered from the concerned patient’s home to the Centre for the staff to give to the patients. Disposable Plates and cutlery shall be used.
b. Proper food arrangements three times a day along with snacks for the patients and the nursing staff.
c. Breakfast, lunch and dinner to be provided at appropriate times convenient to the patient by the patient’s family.
d. Consumption of tobacco and alcoholic drinks is strictly prohibited.
7. Ancillary services:
a. Dedicated area of donning and doffing of PPE for health care workers.
b. Garbage Management inside and outside the COVID Care Centre.
c. To ensure that the biomedical waste generated in the CCC is sent to designate bio-medical processing Centre.
d. To ensure complete cleanliness inside and outside the CCC.
8. Testing:
Covid•19 Testing for the patients should be done as per the testing guidelines issued by the GOK from time to time. Any other test required as per the doctor’s assessment should be made available from the nearest health facility.
9. Daily reporting:
The CCC will ensure daily reporting of the admissions, release from isolation and medical condition of patients in the software recommended by the state government/report to district surveillance officer (DSO)
10. Others:
The RWAs/AOAs shall enter details of CCCs capacity, admission/release of persons in state government software application without fail.
The CCC facility will be used by the local RWA/AOA residents only.
The COVID positive persons shall be allowed to use their laptop, mobile, tablet, books and other reading materials, etc.
11. Discharge/Release from isolation
To be followed as per GOK guidelines issued from time to time in consultation with treating doctor.
12. Information Education Communication (IEC):
Display charts about COVID-19 Dos and Don’ts shall be prominently exhibited inside the rooms, halls and outside the premises to educate the patients and the residents. Wall mounted TV services may also be provided only with the silent display of news regarding COVID.

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