Seven COVID-19 cases in one week. But….. the source?

 Seven COVID-19 cases in one week. But….. the source?
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Mangaluru: It is one week since Dakshina Kannada district witnessed the first death due to COVID-19. While the urgent need is to provide treatment and prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is equally important for the authorities to come at a conclusion at the source of COVID as it would help the district administration in properly chalking out a plan.

Disinfectant being sprayed at the Shakthinagar containment zone in Mangaluru
Disinfectant being sprayed at Shakthinagar

In just a week, there have been seven positive cases of which two have died. Of these seven cases, five are from Bantwal and two from Mangaluru.

Health department officials are clear about the spread of COVID-19 but are yet to get a clear picture of the source.

On April 18, the woman (P-390) from Bantwal with the respiratory problem got admitted to Wenlock district hospital and died on the next day before the reports tested positive. She had earlier visited First Neuro hospital where her mother in law was under treatment. The mother in law (P-432) tested positive on Thursday afternoon. Failing to respond to the treatment she died on the same day.

On Monday their neighbor (P-409) and on Saturday P-409’s daughter (P-489) tested positive.

The hospital staff who was in contact with P-432 tested positive on Sunday. On Monday P-506 and P-507 from Shakthinagar tested positive.

Health department officials said that P-432 was at a semi special ward in First Neuro hospital and P-507 was next to her. P-507’s son too tested positive (P-506).

But the only thing which is not yet clear is the source of the virus.
Did the woman from Bantwal get it from outside? Or did the hospital get it from her is still a riddle.

The First Neuro hospital has been declared as Containment Zone and all are under quarantine there.
Bantwal MLA Rajesh Naik U is clear that the woman from Bantwal is not the source.

Meanwhile, officials are probing to see if the starting point is from Bantwal.

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