Influenza-Like Illness survey completed in Uttara Kannada

 Influenza-Like Illness survey completed in Uttara Kannada
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Karwar, April 14: After the successful door to door health survey two weeks ago, the Uttara Kannada district administration is now ready with Influenza-Like Illness survey report.

Health surveys help the district administration in keeping a track of the health condition in the district. The repeated surveys would give a clear picture of the trend and types of health problems. It would also help in tracking COVID-19 like symptoms and creating awareness among the people.

Survey work in Uttara Kannada is not an easy task due to the terrain in the rural areas. Houses are situated far away from each other. About 75 percent of the district is under forest cover. Houses are situated in deep forests and also the hilly region. To know the health condition of all the people and ensure that people are COVID-19 free, the survey was conducted.

The report has details of the people suffering from health issues.
The survey conducted with the help of ASHA workers has covered 15,26,177 people living in 3,35,033 houses. About 1,500 houses were found locked.

According to the survey report, submitted about two days ago, 1,059 are suffering from fever (only). Among the Taluks, Haliyala recorded the highest number of cases (190).  There are 357 people with cold or throat pain or breathing problem (with fever). The maximum number (57) is in Haliyala. Meanwhile, 1,816 are suffering from a cough or throat pain or breathing problems (without fever). Here again, Haliyal stands first with 318 patients.

“On primary inquiry, none of these cases are related to COVID-19. But we are keeping a tab on everybody daily,” Deputy Commissioner Dr. Harish Kumar K told The Canara Post.
“Our ASHA workers would do a regular follow up,” he added.

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