Celebrating International Firefighter’s Day: CSMIA’s ARFF Team’s Vital Role

 Celebrating International Firefighter’s Day: CSMIA’s ARFF Team’s Vital Role
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Mumbai, May 06, 2024: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport’s (CSMIA), Aerodrome Rescue & Fire Fighting Services (ARFF) celebrates International Firefighter’s Day, placing a strong emphasis on the safety and welfare of both passengers and staff at the airport. It’s a day to honour the risks and responsibilities that firefighters undertake every day.

Utilizing advanced technology, CSMIA’s ARFF Services play a vital role in Airside Operations, ensuring the safety of airport occupants during aircraft accidents or incidents. The core mission of ARFF services is to swiftly respond within two minutes to unforeseen situations, saving lives and securing the airport environment.

CSMIA’s ARFF team proudly presents a range of cutting-edge technologies, including the 07 Crash Fire Tenders (CFT), boasting unique features enabling firefighting while in motion. These CFTs can propel extinguishing media up to 90 meters and achieve a remarkable acceleration of 80 kmph in just 26 seconds, despite their hefty 40-ton weight. CSMIA is the only airport in Asia to have Rescue Stair that can reach up to a height of 8.3 meters and can support fastest evacuation of an aircraft as big as the A380.

Complementing these are 02 Small Fire Tenders, 03 Rescue Boats, a state-of-the-art Forwards Command Post connected to the Emergency Control Centre (ECC), and a diverse array of 67 specialized equipment for handling various emergencies. Each CFT boasts a capacity of 12,000 litres of water, 1,500 litres of foam compound, and 150 kg of dry chemical powder.

In another monumental stride, CSMIA recently commissioned its specialized Disabled Aircraft Recovery Kit (DARK), becoming the first airport in Asia to have the DARK facility with High Pressure lifting bags. DARK, a cutting-edge addition to CSMIA’s infrastructure, enhances the airport’s ability to respond swiftly and precisely to runway excursions, minimizing disruptions and ensuring passenger safety during take-off and landing.

CSMIA’s ARFF officers underwent an intensive five-day training program, that covered legal aspects, tethering, ground stabilization, lifting techniques using low-pressure bags, multi-sling utilization, and de-bogging procedures. This ensured that CSMIA possesses a team of highly trained professionals prepared to respond effectively in challenging situations.

CSMIA distinguishes itself in India with its innovative training infrastructure, featuring a life-size Dummy Aircraft for realistic simulations. Its ARFF resources include 03 rescue boats for monsoon readiness and firefighter gear providing protection in extreme conditions. The dedicated team invests over 10,000 man-hours annually to train stakeholders in fire safety and emergency management.

On the occasion of International Firefighter’s Day, CSMIA expresses gratitude to the ARFF team that remains at the forefront of aviation safety and emergency response. With its state-of-the-art equipment, extensive training programs, and expertly trained personnel, CSMIA’s ARFF Services is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of the aviation community.

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