2nd PUC: Expert College secures 100% results, 23 students score more than 590 marks

 2nd PUC: Expert College secures 100% results, 23 students score more than 590 marks
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Mangaluru, April 19, 2024: In the second PUC  Board examination 2024  both Expert College Kodialbail and Expert College Valachil have secured 100% results in the science stream. Expert students have made a remarkable achievement with 99.94 % students scoring marks above first class.

A total of 1560 students appeared for the exam this year and 23 of them secured more than 590 marks.  While 193 students secured more than 580 marks, 400 students secured more than 95% marks, 982 students  scored more than 90% marks, 1286 students scored more than 85 % and 1455 students scored more than 80% marks.  Further, 1559 of the 1560 students who appeared for the exam have passed with first class and more marks.

Another noteworthy achievement  is that 8 students have scored 100  on 100 marks in 4 subjects, 48 students have achieved this feat in 3 subjects, 113 students in 2 subjects and 253 students scored as much in one subject. Further,  15 students have scored 100 in physics, 147 students in Chemistry, 271 students in Biology, 186 in Mathematics, 4 in Computer Science, 1 in Electronics , 29 in Sanskrit, and 5 students in Kannada.

Nikitha Y Revadkundi  with 595 marks has emerged the 4th state topper and also the college topper. Besides, Shashwathi, V Akshatha Kamath and Pallavi T S, each with 594 marks have emerged 5th state toppers.

Nikhita Y Revadakundi  595,  Pallavi T S 594, Shashwati 594, V Akshatha Kamath 594, Digvasas R Patil 593, Darshini B 592, Megha Rao 592, Rufaidah S V 591, Amar Sanchi 591, Shraddha Raveendra Madraki  591, Harshavardhan K  591,  Swetha D 591, Anvitha B N 591, Nihaar S R 591, Suravi Sudhir 590, Soujanya A M 590, Khushi Shetty 590, Balasubramanya S K 590, Rakshitha H S 590, Shishira Shivakumar 590, B R Shravani 590, A Anagha Prabhu 590,  P S Prem 590 are some of the other toppers.

 On another high note, Digvasus R Patil, Rufaida S V, Shraddha Ravindra Madraki, Parnika N Prabhu, Pranav Tata R Abhay Sharma K, Sanjana Santhosh Katti and Sahana Rabinal have scored 100 on 100 in 4 subjects.

On behalf of the management, Principals, Teaching and administrative staff of the Institutions, the Chairman of Expert Group of Institutions Prof. Narendra L. Nayak has congratulated all these students on their perseverance and  achievement.

Year after year our students have excelled not only in board exams but also in all the national level competitive examinations. The tradition continues even this year.

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