KCCI Launches GST Training Program

 KCCI Launches GST Training Program
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This will be held every Friday and Saturday up to March 23 by experienced Chartered Accountants.

Mangaluru, Feb 26, 2024: The Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) kicked off its highly anticipated Goods and Services Tax (GST) Training Program at the Meeting Hall on Feb 23.

The 26-hour comprehensive training program, tailored for beginners, will be conducted every Friday and Saturday until March 23, featuring sessions led by experienced Chartered Accountants.

Ananthesh V Prabhu, President of KCCI, welcomed the accounting staff from various organizations and fresh graduates eager to carve a niche in the finance sector. The inauguration marked a significant milestone as KCCI responded to the pressing demand from business organizations for proficient GST-trained staff.

The training initiative aims to equip participants with fundamental knowledge of GST, catering to the needs of aspiring graduates seeking opportunities in the finance industry. The hands-on practical training sessions further enhance the participants’ skills, preparing them for real-world scenarios.

Addressing the gathering on the importance of the training, Keshava Ballakuraya, Chairman of the GST Sub-committee of KCCI, emphasized the significance of understanding GST in the contemporary business landscape. The inaugural training session, conducted by Rodney Pinto, Senior Associate at JCSS Consulting, Bengaluru, set a high standard for the program.

Hon. Treasurer, Abdur Rahman Musba, delivered the vote of thanks.

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