Srinivas University Hosts Sixth Annual Convocation

 Srinivas University Hosts Sixth Annual Convocation
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Mangaluru, Feb 10, 2024: The Sixth Annual Convocation Day of Srinivas University was held at Srinivas University Mukka campus today.

Addressing the gathering, the Chief Guest of the program, Dr. K. Yogisha, MCF Joint General Manager of Medical Service, emphasized that graduates from Srinivas College should carry the valuable lessons learned, including the perpetual respect for parents, teachers, and non-teaching staff.

He highlighted the essential elements for success, such as hard work, dedication, self-belief, self-care, and a genuine passion for one’s profession. He emphasized that diligence, ethical conduct, and expressing gratitude play pivotal roles in achieving success.

In his address, Chancellor of Srinivas University and President of A. Shama Rao Foundation Dr A. Raghavendra Rao underscored the significance of every profession in contributing to the world’s development. He emphasized the noble endeavor of serving society and its people, considering it a profound undertaking. Dr. Rao stressed the importance of approaching any task with respect and unwavering dedication.

Dr. A. Srinivas Rao, the Guest of Honor and Pro Chancellor of Srinivas University, as well as the Vice President of A. Shama Rao Foundation Mangalore, expressed the importance of seizing opportunities and thriving in both the world and society.

In the age of technology, Dr. Srinivas Rao emphasized the necessity for everyone to stay abreast of the latest trends. He encouraged students to acquire knowledge of contemporary systems, emphasizing the need for routines to evolve with the changing times and eras.

Srinivas University’s Honorable Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Sathyanarayanan Reddy, presented the annual report. The oath was administered by Srinivas University Board of Governors Trustee member, Prof. A. Mithra S Rao. Srinivas University Board of Governors Trustee members A. Vijayalakshmi R. Rao, Padmini Kumar, Dr. Uday Kumar Maiya, Srinivas University Registrar Dr. Anil Kumar, Registrar of Evaluation Dr. Shrinivas Mayya D., Registrar of Development Dr. Ajay Kumar, Registrar of Academic Dr. Aditya Kumar Maiya, and Srinivas University various Institutions Deans were present.

At the Convocation ceremony, certificates were conferred upon 1257 graduates, comprising 358 postgraduates and 881 undergraduates. The University acknowledged 144 ranks across diverse programs, and 38 graduates were honored with the Chancellor’s Gold Medal. Furthermore, the event witnessed the conferment of 1 D.Sc and 17 Ph.D. degrees.

Srinivas University Registrar Dr. Anil Kumar welcomed the gathering, and Srinivas University Development Registrar Dr. Ajay Kumar delivered the vote of thanks. Dr. Ambika Mallya, Dr. Vijayalakshmi Nayak, and Prof. Rohan Fernandes compered the event.

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